Divorcing? Got Kids? You’re Not Ending A Relationship, Just Changing One.

If restoring the marriage isn’t an option and with only a vague idea of what your legal rights are, you may make the mistake of starting with expensive, aggressive lawyers. That’s not going to get you a peaceful divorce.

Or you may make the mistake of accepting unfair agreements because you are emotionally exhausted. A year or two down the road, when you are more emotionally together, you will be second guessing your fatigued choices, and that’s not going to get you a peaceful divorce.

Or you may make the mistake of completing your divorce or legal separation with agreements on custody, support, assets & debts so lacking in detail that the court can’t enforce them! So you and your ex will be haggling again and again over missing details and unclear boundaries. And that haggling sure isn’t going to get you a peaceful divorce.

Because you have kids, it is vital to establish a peaceful divorce- a divorce as resentment-free as possible. Parents can accomplish that by avoiding the lingering emotional and financial damage of a lawyer-driven courtroom divorce, or one that is unfair and lacking enforceable detail because they didn’t have experienced guidance.          

Here are 3 Reasons to Call Family Matters To Get a Peaceful Divorce

#1: We’ve been settling complete divorces for 17 years at a fraction of the cost of an attorney-driven divorce.

The most positive possible choice to make right now is to use mediation to complete your Legal Separation or Divorce fairly and in enforceable detail.

The mediation process creates the opportunity to establish resentment-free agreements on every issue, such as; Custody, Financial matters, and Support matters. It is our goal to infuse a new level of communication, cooperation & compromise into your ongoing parent relationship.

Maybe that sounds like a tough hill to climb right now… Give us a call and ask how we would guide you through your most significant concerns, no matter how complicated or sensitive, to a peaceful divorce resolution.

Every case needs the details that we know to cover for your Judgement.

Here are some of the many issues that we settle:

  • Sustainable Child Support & Spousal Support Amounts 
  • A Detailed, Durable Child Custody Schedule, including Holidays & Vacations 
  • Agreements on Additional Shared Costs for kids
  • Addictions & Custody Matters
  • Care for Adult Children
  • Move-Aways 
  • A Fair Property Division of All Assets & Debts
  • A Fair Division of Pensions, IRA’s, Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Options to Continue Home Ownership
  • Post Judgment Modifications
  • Requests for New Orders 
  • Temporary Emergency Orders
  • Parenting Orders for unmarried couples
  • All Judicial Forms Produced 
  • Complete Divorce, Legal Separation or Action Filed with the Court

#2: We honor Your Rights under California Guideline Family Law and resolve every aspect of divorce fairly.

One or two years down the road, after the initial emotions have settled and lives have progressed, Parents need to be able to look at each other without lingering resentments or the sense that one got over on the other. Your kids need that. We believe that both of you do too.

A fair divorce equally balances between the separating parties. There is division. So both have to give. There are ongoing needs, so both have to share. California Guideline Law is the reference point for resolution. Mediation is the tool for blending it with over-all fairness.

#3: Family Matters Mediators are Skilled Family Counselors trained in Guideline Family Law.

Ironically, the very skills that a healthy marriage needs; communication, cooperation & compromise, are the same skills that you need right now to establish a fair, detailed, resentment-free divorce! How on earth can those skills manifest now if they derailed during the marriage? That’s our job. To bring our years of counseling experience to mediation and guide even the most conflict-oriented case to a place where the children are able to maintain an uncomplicated love bond with both parents because their parents forged a peaceful divorce.

Let us guide you through divorce fairly and inexpensively.

We will file your complete divorce, including a durable Marital Settlement Agreement that you and your kids can rely on.