Services Offered

For Uncontested Dissolution or Legal Separation; We provide the following services:

  1. Paralegal services: We prepare the judicial forms to open a case for Divorce or Legal Separation. If you are undecided which one to file, go to our page Dissolution or Legal Separation.
  2. We file the Summons and Petition with the appropriate Family Law Superior Court.
  3. If your spouse is a willing recipient, we serve him/her with the Summons and Petition, either by mail or in person. If your spouse does not want to meet with us to receive the documents and does not accept service by mail, you will have a process server or friend over the age of eighteen serve him/her.
  4. Mediation services: We will discuss with you and your spouse the court required elements of your Divorce or Legal Separation and will help you come to an agreement on every issue, such as child custody, child support and spousal support, health insurance, tax filing status, and division of Assets and Debts. We also discuss with you any issue that is personally important to you outside of the court requirements.
  5. You have the option to have an attorney review the Marital Settlement Agreement before you sign it.
  6. If our mediator has successfully negotiated a complete Marital Settlement Agreement for you and your spouse with which you are both satisfied, we will prepare and submit all the required closing documents to finalize your divorce or legal separation. Shortly thereafter, you will receive your Judgment.
  7. If at any point during this process you wish to have legal representation, or if we feel that you need an attorney to protect your rights, we will recommend an attorney to you who we know to be fair and ethical.

For Dissolution or Legal Separation involving a Court Hearing; we provide everything listed under Uncontested Dissolution plus the following:

  1. If a spouse initially does not want to participate in mediation, we can try to motivate them by filing for a court hearing. This will get things moving along and you can get court orders for child custody, child support and spousal support with or without your spouse’s cooperation. If your spouse decides to mediate after all to avoid going to court, and if we can create a stipulated agreement before the hearing date, you can cancel the hearing.
  2. Sometimes, parties agree on most issues but feel so strongly about their position on one issue that they cannot bring themselves to compromise. Filing for a hearing and simply asking for a judge’s ruling on that disputed issue can put an end to the dispute. Then we can proceed with the settlement agreement and incorporate the judge’s decision on the sticky point.
  3. If one spouse is so uncooperative or so unreasonable that coming to a settlement agreement is out of the question, we will file the appropriate documents to schedule a trial hearing which will ultimately lead to a judgment for Dissolution or Legal Separation.

For Cases already in process; we are happy to assist in the following:

  1. If you have attorneys and wish to keep them, we can mediate your issues and you can take the agreements we helped you reach to your respective attorneys for review and they can complete your case.
  2. You can dismiss your attorneys and we can finish your case
  3. If you are stuck and cannot figure out why you still aren’t divorced, we will research your case and let you know what’s missing

Every case has its own needs: Here are some of the typical additional services that couples frequently desire:

  1. Temporary Emergency Orders: If you or your child/ren are in danger, we can prepare the necessary documents to get you in front of a judge the next court day to ask for a protective order or immediate custody order.
  2. Qualified Domestic Relations Order: If you or your spouse have a pension plan or deferred compensation plan such as 457 or 401K etc. that needs to be divided, we prepare, process & submit the necessary documents for the QDRO.
  3. Child Support Modification: Custody percentages & incomes change over time. We can run a fresh calculation using court approved software for recalculating support whenever necessary (XSpouse software).