Mediation or Attorneys?

OUR Mediation & Paralegal Team is the place to start. You can lawyer up later if you must.

Has the marital conflict that led to divorce made direct communication with the other parent too difficult? Has something happened that makes swift court action necessary? If you are considering mediation or attorneys, and you think you need a lawyer, in most instances,

Family Matters Mediation is the best place to start.

We offer a free case assessment to both parents. You can make an appointment together or separately. We listen to your individual concerns and wishes and help assess whether they can be brought together in a way that is in the best interests of the kids and financially fair to you both. But if swift court action is necessary, we are prepared to make that happen right away. If you are considering mediation or attorneys, start with mediation!

Because our mediators are skilled family counselors trained in guideline family law, the mediation process is an opportunity to re-establish communication, cooperation & compromise. Early marriage skills lost through the years, but essential for successful co-parenting!

When Divorce Attorneys represent parties, they do the communicating.

Now Consider the substantial cost difference Between Mediation or Attorneys:

Two Divorce Attorneys at $350+ each per hour = $700+ an hour!
One Divorce Mediator at $200* an hour.
*Base sliding scale rate

Who prepares the legal documents? Whether you use mediation or attorneys, judicial forms are usually prepared and submitted by paralegals. Attorneys will often charge you their regular hourly rate for paralegal work; we charge ½ of the mediation rate for paralegal work. Check Family Matters Fee Schedule for Judicial Forms rates. When it comes to saving money on the overall cost for divorce so you have more money left over to provide for your kids, mediation is the responsible choice.

How can Divorce Mediators secure fairness & minimize lingering resentments?

In Divorce Mediation, feelings like Anger, Mistrust, Being Bullied or Too Drained to Care get addressed so that parties can be fair in the division of assets & debts, child support & spousal support and custody. With Guideline Family law as the reference point,

Divorce Mediation gets that done.

You will have a court-enforceable Divorce Decree without having to go to court, and without the conflict and costs of retaining attorneys. If you want, you can hire an attorney to review your agreement before signing it at a fraction of the cost of a retainer.

A good Marital Settlement Agreement should be durable, forward thinking, and free of choices that will cause lingering resentments. It should address all of your individual concerns and preferences beyond what’s legally required. Family Matters

That’s how we want our families to move forward….

Regardless of the conflict or complexity, give us a call right away and listen to how Family Matters Mediators solve problems.