Here is what others have to say:

“I attempted to do my divorce on my own cause I couldn’t afford attorney fees and kept running into issues. I reached out to my community and was referred to Billie. She knew right away what was wrong and said she could get it done for me. She is very knowledgeable, reasonable and knows what she is doing. I did not have to stress over all that paperwork anymore and my divorce is finally done. I highly recommend Billie, you will not be disappointed. If you are in need of any help do not hesitate to call Billie. She is the best!”

-Shaharizan 3/1/21

“I recommend Bille and Family Matters to anyone going through a difficult time. Her detailed experience along with her calm, reassuring demeanor and desire for what is best for the family, sets her apart. She is defiantly the best choice. Everyone in a divorce situation should talk with her first. She brings fair results and is a passionate advocate of peace and process. The only way to go in a difficult time.”

-Kendall 2/27/21

“We approached mediation and Billie with an open mind as a way to reach a a hopeful settlement. My wife and I were miles apart in certain areas and in full agreement in others. Our plan was to get in full agreement where possible and seek attorneys where we can’t come together. We had 5 issues that we did not agree on. This is where you can see the value of the mediator that you chose. Billie was her best in these most difficult situations. At times I felt she was on my side, others I felt as though she was on my wife’s as she urged us to see fairness. The bottom line is she brought us together on the toughest of issues to where in some cases I felt I lost but in the bigger picture I could see that I won. My wife felt the exact same way….. the settlement each of us received was fair and we realized it would not be much different had we ventured out and spent 10s of thousands on attorneys. I give Billie and her abilities a 10 out of 10….. We may not be 100 percent happy with our negotiated results….but we both know it’s probably the best we were both going to get. So lots of compromise. I highly recommend that you give Billie a try…. take it to the end and work on the tough issues. If there is a chance of resolution, “she will help you find it”.

John B. 2/17/21

“I recommend Family Matters for Divorce mediation services. She walked us through the entire process and was patient with us as we came to terms during this difficult process. She puts family first with respect to the children, which is ultimately the most important part in mediating a failed relationship. She saved us time and money and I will use her again if post-divorce mediation is needed. Thanks Billie!”

-Patrick 2/12/21

“Billie @ Family Matters mediated our divorce settlement recently with exceptional consideration, compassion and professionalism for my wife and I. During this challenging time she helped us navigate the delicate terms of settlement for parenting time of our children as well as the sale of our home and separation of all assets. We received a recommendation to use Billie and are very satisfied with her services.”

-John L. 10/5/20

“I recommend Billie Albelo to anyone who is going through tough time of divorce. She has been so great and easy to work with and I am forever thankful for her help and support during the most difficult times of my life!”

-Azita 9/22/20

“My experience with Billie has been Very good!!
She’s prompt, attentive, personal able & reliable. Her knowledge and ability to give direct & correct information relieves any added stress.
I feel as though she gives her best and wants the best for her clients.
I sincerely have benefitted & appreciate her commitment to her profession.
I look forward to referring her to others.”

-Jeanne 9/1/2020

“Billie Albelo handled my case with deep compassion and competence taking me through the procedures with tact and forthrightness. Her knowledge of the law astutely guided the discussions and steps needed to come to settlement on differences. She further limited the time necessary for what needed to be done at the least expense and went out of her way to return calls, texts, and communications. I was most fortunate to have found Billie Albelo as Mediator.”

-Mary 6/12/20

“Found Billie in a Google search. My ex-husband and I didn’t need an attorney for our separation. We did not have anything but physical property to divide so it was going to be a pretty straight forward process. We already had agreed on everything mutually so we just needed someone to make sure everything was filed properly. Billie was very professional and was a very good mediator between us when we met her. The process was affordable and a lot easier than we thought. I would highly recommend her.”

-Kathryn 5/25/20

“If you are meeting Billie then unfortunately the reason is not for a happy one. You might have hesitations and you might also be emotional. I was not the one who found Billie, my soon-to-be ex-husband found her. So as you can imagine, I was extremely hesitant, emotional and was afraid she would be one-sided. I decided to go meet with her anyway. When you meet her you can tell right away that her goal is to help you both through this troubled time and minimize any additional unnecessary stresses. She is very caring, fair and professional, so if you happen to meet Billie and not be the one who found her, don’t worry, you are in good hands. Good luck with your process and I am sorry for what you are going through. :-(“

-Jennifer 5/2/20

“When we went to Billie I considered this an extreme long shot considering our situation. Billie was fair to both my ex and I, and put our child first. Billie was knowledgeable and an excellent mediator, we had to see her more session than originally planned and we took a break for a period after-which we were able to return complete our settlement agreement. I am sure Billy saved us a huge sum of money, time, and anxiety over going to court. I highly recommend Billie even for very difficult and delicate situations. Thank you so much for helping us to move on in our lives and doing what’s best for our daughter.”

-Diggy 3/20/20

“Billie is outstanding. I appreciate her professionalism, quick response and knowledge. She is highly ethical and gives you all of your options. I am so very happy I found her! :)”

-Jill 3/8/20

“When we went to Billie I considered this an extreme long shot considering our situation. Billie was fair to both my ex and I, and put our child first. Billie was knowledgeable and an excellent mediator, we had to see her more sessions than originally planned and we took a break for a period after-which we were able to return to complete our settlement agreement. I am sure Billy saved us a huge sum of money, time, and anxiety over going to court. I highly recommend Billie even for very difficult and delicate situations. Thank you so much for helping us to move on in our lives and doing whats best for our daughter.”

-Diggy 12/30/19

“Family Matters delivers with Billie’s competent and caring professionalism. There’s an accountability she creates in everything she does. She walked us from beginning to end of a difficult process that could have cost us so much more money and heartache. I highly recommend working with Billie for anyone considering a divorce!”

-Kathy 12/15/19

“Billie is one special, very knowledgeable, tough, but fair mediator in OC! I highly recommend her and this firm. Thank you Billie!
Best, Ingrid”

– Ingrid 12/5/19

“I can’t express my thanks to Billie enough. She handled my divorce with such poise. She is not only professional, she is kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable. She answered all the questions my ex and I had and made each of us feel comfortable. She made sure both of us felt educated with the process and what exactly we were signing and what it meant in the long run. I don’t know why anyone would ever consider using an attorney and paying those stupid high fees when Billie is more than capable.”

-Sheryl 7/6/19

“Billie has been a total life saver to me. I have been a single father raising my son alone. Billie helped me get full custody of my son. She knew exactly what she was doing and took all stress out of it all. She talked with my sons bio mother with kindness and answered all her question which made her feel comfortable. I found Billie through a friend that used her in a divorce. My friend said could not explain in words just how well Billie handled their divorce. Billie is top notch with compassion, kindness and knowledge. I pray I don’t ever need her services again but if I do, I will not hesitate to contact her for advice and her service”.

Jerid 7/1/2019

Fair, Balanced, Effective – Billie helped us find mutually agreeable solutions while navigating often emotionally charged issues. She is knowledgeable, easy to work with and creative at finding solutions. She skillfully moves the process forward and both parties feel heard. She was an angel during a difficult time”.

-Kelly 6/20/2019

“Billie was excellent to work with.. explained the process, answered all our questions, provided keen insight and support and overall helped to make a challenging situation work for me and my family. I highly recommend her and Family Matters”.

-John 6/1/2019

“I received the utmost quality of professionalism, communication and the feeling of working things through with someone who understands the difficulty of divorce. Billie is a jewel, truly one of a kind!”

-Patty 5/25/2019

“Billie has been of great assistance to me with a my court orders for over four years. Every time I file an RFO or an Ex-Parte, the documents are flawless, never turned away. Her insight and experience in family court matters it’s worth every penny, which by the way is way cheaper than a lawyer. I’ve saved over $40k in lawyer fees.
She not only understands family court laws and requirements to represent yourself, but she’s also a sounding board of experience to bounce off your challenges as I’ve had to navigate through a very difficult four year divorce case, with children. Billie is still supportive and continues to assist me til this day.
Billie is a great person. I highly recommend her over a lawyer! Five star rating!”

-Alfredo 3/10/2019

“I cannot thank Sibylle i.e. Billie enough for her assistance in mediating my divorce. The process was very rapid (less than three months). She saved me and my ex-husband, quite literally, thousands of dollars.”
Laura 1/5/2019

“Your Workshops: “Helping Children Cope with Divorce” and “Your Legal Responsibilities When Families Divorce” were a great success and enhanced our training considerably.”

-G. Ichinose, Associate Vice President, Child Care Services. YMCA of Orange County 2018

“We think of Family Matters Divorce Mediation as our “go to” provider for employees in need of family law assistance. Our clients reported that Family Matters handled their family matters professionally, and with great sensitivity and heart, such that their divorce or separation did not take over their lives. Divorce and separation can have a significant effect on an employee’s job performance. Family Matters is very mindful of that. Billie has a way of helping employees work through divorce with restraint and regard for maintaining job performance. In conjunction with that and their agenda to teach divorcing couples communication, compromise and parental cooperation…well, we think very highly of Family Matters.”

Dr. Marcus Dayhoff, Psy.d, CEAP, CEO Reach Employee Assistance Providers to the Cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, the Irvine Water District, the Memorial Hospital Chain, et. al. 2017

“Thank you again for your incredible efforts, Keep up the good work, we need you. Your efforts have been much appreciated and I have recommended you to an acquaintance of mine who is also going through a divorce”.

-R. Young, Irvine 2017

For a full list of Google reviews, click on the following link: https://tinyurl.com/y7kh89w4