Gatekeeper Resource Utilization Tool

Gatekeepers are Professionals who care for the needs of others. Gatekeepers include Human Resource Managers, Union Member Services, Employee Assistance Providers, Mental Health Care Providers, Drug & Alcohol Programs, Social Service, Agencies, Teachers & Child Care Providers. Gatekeepers live by Resource Utilization.

Family Matters: Mediation & Paralegal Services is a niche Employee Assistance Provider. We are a valuable ancillary resource for all of the aforementioned professionals, especially those who count the disruptive experience of divorce as an area for them to carry a resource utilization tool.

We are a resource utilization tool for the Municipalities of Anaheim, Santa Ana & Orange, the Irvine Water District, Memorial Hospitals (through their EAP, Reach EAP), the Orange County Family Law Courts & Social Services, Kaiser Permanente, the YMCA et al. Visit our referral page here: Testimonials

We are uniquely designed to bring calm to any divorce that disrupts an employee’s productivity or negatively impacts a clients mental health status, or a parents ability to provide the emotional care their kids need (while the parents are going through one of the toughest times of their lives!).

Family Matters Mediators are devoted to bringing order to chaos and channeling toxic, disruptive emotions & behaviors away from others (such as other employees, friends & kids).

We are skilled family therapists/counselors trained in guideline family law. We use the divorce process to help couples establish communication, cooperation & compromise as essential tools for a resentment free divorce that is in the best interests of their kids. Ironically, our methods actual enhance their lives with skills for being more communicative, cooperative and negotiable with all with whom they interact!

A complete divorce through Family Matters: Mediation & Paralegal Services costs a fraction of what a lawyer driven divorce costs. Through Family Matters couples never have to set foot in a courthouse and mediation appointments are scheduled around their respective work schedules..

Please browse this site for detailed information on how our services can best serve the employees, individuals & families in your care.

In addition, we provide workshops for Management titled How to Minimize the Effects of Separation & Divorce on Job Performance, and for Therapists, Teachers & Child Care Providers titled Graceful Transitions.

To receive information on these workshops please contact us at; or call 949.481.4406.