What Does a Divorce Cost in Orange County?

If you want an enforceable divorce judgment, you need to address every issue in detail: Custody, a Parenting Time Schedule, Child Support & Spousal Support, Division of Assets & Debts and so on. If you are vague or miss a point now, you may have to go back to the mediation table, or to court later to get it right.

There is a lot to consider and agree on. Loose ends to tie together so your Divorce Judgment doesn’t unravel later on down the road.

We get it done.

Family Matters Fee Schedule

An Orange County Divorce with Lawyers easily costs five times more than a Family Matters Peaceful Divorce or Legal Separation!

Case Judicial Forms Package: $465.00

Hourly Mediation Rate: Sliding Scale based on income, ranging from $200/hr – $300/hr.

Hourly Paralegal Rate: One-half of the Sliding Scale  Mediation Rate

The end cost depends on the amount of mediation required, level of cooperation between parties, and whether additional services such as filing a Response, Temporary Orders, Request for Order, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), Business Valuations, Forensic Accounting etc. are necessary.

Example: An Uncontested divorce that only requires 4 hours of Divorce Mediation and 2 hours of Paralegal time for writing a Marital Settlement Agreement for clients with combined annual incomes of $99,999 or less, your total cost to us is:
$465 + 4 hrs @ $200 + 2 hrs @ $100= $1465.

Some Additional Services you may need:

Business / Real Property Appraisals / Forensic Accounting

Response Judicial Forms Package: $200
Temporary Restraining Orders: start at $250
Requests For Orders: start at $350*
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO): $500

Call and tell us your situation. We will assess your potential needs and give you a cost estimate that will be a fraction of the time & cost of an attorney-driven divorce.