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Family Matters: Mediation & Paralegal Services. Specialized in Guideline Family Law.  

Any couple contemplating separation or divorce can start the process with mediation and/or paralegal service. Most couples can divorce using mediation, even those with a high level of contention. If parents are focused on the best interests of their kids, they are more likely to become transparent, fair, and re-discover the ability to communicate, cooperate and compromise. The more contentious a couple, the more resistant to compromise and transparency they are, adding forensic accountants, lawyers, and hearings to the process which quickly becomes expensive and stressful.

The average cost of a completed divorce through Family Matters is less than $2000. With attorneys, the average cost in Orange County is easily ten times that much, per side! Add court appearances and continuances, and that figure can grow even more, not to mention the time expenditure and increased stress level. Better to save that money for your own kids’ college education.

Since 2001, Family Matters Mediation & Paralegal Services has  served the employees of the Municipalities of Santa Ana & Anaheim, the Irvine Water District and Memorial Hospitals through their Employee Assistance Programs. We are referred to by Kaiser Permanente Counseling, the County of Orange, as well as individual & family therapists and child care providers throughout Orange County.

They have come to trust and rely on us because our brand is to focus on couple who have kids.


Your Workshops: “Helping Children Cope with Divorce” and “Your Legal Responsibilities When Families Divorce” were a great success and enhanced our training considerably.

G. Ichinose, Associate Vice President, Child Care Services. YMCA of Orange County

We think of Family Matters Mediation as our “go to” provider for employees in need of family law assistance.

Our clients reported that Family Matters handled their family matters professionally, and with great sensitivity and heart, such that their divorce or separation did not take over their lives. Divorce and separation can have a significant effect on an employee’s job performance. Family Matters is very mindful of that. They have a way of helping employees work through divorce with restraint and regard for maintaining job performance. In conjunction with that and their agenda to teach divorcing couples communication, compromise and parental cooperation…well, we think very highly of Family Matters: Mediation & Paralegal Services.

Dr. Marcus Dayhoff, Psy.d, CEAP, CEO Reach Employee Assistance Providers to the Cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, the Irvine Water District, the Memorial Hospital Chain, et. al.