Divorcing? Got Kids?

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than being a parent on the edge of divorce is continuing a marriage that is hurting the family.

To many of us, the idea of divorcing feels overwhelming. So we endure toxic emotions, arguments and marital tension. Or we become so emotionally numb that we live lives of detachment and unmet needs as our days trudge along endlessly. 

At either end of the spectrum, and everywhere in between, you try to protect your kids, but you cannot completely shield them from the effects of your broken marriage. 

You’ve probably tried to resolve the problems, perhaps given marriage counseling a chance … but if you’re reading this, you may be ready to try something else. Call me at (949) 939-1146.

Allow me to thoroughly explain the process for a complete Divorce or Legal Separation through Mediation. Tell me what stumbling blocks you foresee to divorcing or separating peacefully and I will describe the many creative ways that I resolve complex situations, settle every matter fairly, and help you create graceful transitions in the best interests of your kids.

Family Matters: Mediation & Paralegal Services … Specialized in serving couples with kids.

I provide professional paralegal and mediation services for all family law matters. Since 2001, I have saved couples going through divorce or separation thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, and I have created amicable relationships between divorcing couples. I provide all necessary documents for a complete divorce, legal separation, parenting orders for unmarried parents, or post-divorce Requests for Orders or Modifications. 

On this website, you will find how to use Mediation in Orange County to achieve a peaceful, inexpensive divorce. 

Before you jump to a custody or divorce attorney, or attempt to complete a divorce on your own without a clear understanding of your rights, give my website a read … and if you want a well-defined, peaceful divorce, give me a call at(949)939-1146.

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