Custody Agreements & Schedules

There Are So Many Things To Consider When Establishing Child Custody Schedules.

Here are just a few examples:

  • How old are the kids?
  • How bonded are the children with each parent?
  • How far apart from each other or from the kids’ prior home will you be living?
  • What are your respective work hours and availability to care for the kids?
  • Can both parents provide safe & stable homes for the kids?
  • Have the children been exposed to alcohol/drug abuse or domestic violence by one or both parents?

These are objective, rational questions a judge considers if s/he has to make custody orders. It’s the parents’ perception of each other that makes agreements on custody schedules such a complicated project! The Courts are full of Custody Battles, with the enormous costs of attorney fees, court ordered 730 Evaluations and Family Court Hearings coming at a time when parents need to establish two separate homes with half of the money they had for one!

Carving up your time with your kids is much more emotional for most than dividing assets and debts. Humbling at its core; filled with a collective of emotions stirred by mistrust, anger, a false sense of possession or blame. Too often, the struggles of the marriage make it difficult to agree to fair custody schedules that are in the children’s best interests.

How do you carve cooperation out of conflict? How do you establish communication with the other parent? How do you strengthen your ability to compromise for changes that will naturally occur? By using a Family Matters Mediator who is a skilled Family Counselor with years of experience. A Divorce Mediator who uses their professional skill set to redirect damaging emotions away from anything that has to do with the kids and their custody schedules.  That’s us.

Regardless of the conflict or complexity, listen to how we establish agreements.

There are more things to consider when writing Child Custody Schedules and agreements on all of the details of raising children than you can be expected to think of now! We know what to forge Court enforceable agreements and Child custody schedules on.

The Custody Section of your Marital Settlement Agreement is designed to be durable and foresees changes as circumstances change and kids mature.

Custody Schedules suggested by the Orange County Family Court, are posted at this link.